Road To Europe Campaign

London GD Handball Club's women team is participating in the 2017 EHF Challange Cup. For the first time in our club's history, we are playing home and away games.

Our ladies will play against HC Zalgiris Kaunas from Lithuania.

The first leg will be in Kaunas on the 11th of November 2017 and the second leg will be on the 18th of November 2017 in London (Medway).

As an amateur club we rely on funding from our players, sponsors, supporters, and through fundraising. There is a lot of costs involved in organising this international event (which includes not only our costs, but as the home team we must pay for the other teams accommodation, transport and food for the weekend) and we would be grateful for any help, however big or small, that you can help with!

All the money will go towards the event.


Ida Griffith
Anna Baikova
Pavlína Drahokoupilova
Christina Rehnberg
Left Wing / Centre Back
Aleksandra Stankiewicz
Right Wing
Marie Kerdoncuff
Right Back
Aleksandra Garaloska
Line / Centre Back
Claudia Schönbächler
Left Back
Mayte Perez Laguna
Centre Back
Thu Maria Tran
Right Wing
Emese Manon Miklos
Nikola Szymura
Left Wing
Pernille Raven
Left Back
Alicia Montano
Left back
Ilaria Di Pastena
Left Wing
Maria Marselli
Left Wing
Bea Casquero Alonso


GD Sticker

1. GD Official Sticker (2x)

2 High quality Sticker which you could stick everywhere to show your london GD support

GD picture

2. Picture

High quality picture of our fantastic squad with all players’ signature on it.

GD picture

3. London GD kit: One 100% Cotton Official Training T-shirt (Kempa)

Our fantastic official traning T-shirt (Kempa) with "LONDON GD" on the back and our shield in the front chest.

Spread the word!

Pledged £2110 of £6000 goal
10 days left

Make a pledge without a reward

Your support is really appreciated!.

Pledge £1

  • Custom email by one of our members thanking for your support.

Pledge £2 or more

  • We will tag your name on Facebook in one of the pictures from the next match.

Pledge £5 or more

  • Custom video by one of our members thanking for your support.

Pledge £10 or more

  • 2x High quality Sticker.
  • Custom video by one of our members thanking for your support.

Pledge £20 or more

  • One High quality team picture with players´ signature.
  • 2x High quality Sticker.
  • Custom video by one of our members thanking for your support.

Pledge £50 or more

  • One 100% Cotton Official Training T-shirt (Kempa).
  • One High quality team picture with players´ signature.
  • 2x High quality Sticker.
  • Custom video by one of our members thanking for your support.


  • Li Zhang
    £20 on 20-Oct 13:20
    Good luck girls!
  • Gabriela Seibel
    £20 on 13-Oct 17:42
    Good luck with your game. I will always be there to cheer you on with your handball. You will all be fantastic in the game and we all wish you luck. I wish you all the best luck and hopefully will be there to see most of the matches. Good luck everyone!!!!
  • Antony
    £20 on 13-Oct 11:00
    Go GD!
  • Jordi Ferrer-Torras
    £60 on 12-Oct 22:56
    Go GD go!!!
  • Ann-Lise Aasesdatter
    £10 on 12-Oct 22:00
    Bless you ? and good luck
    £20 on 11-Oct 21:42
    Good luck cuñada favorita ? Maria Teresa Perez
  • Swat & Shyam Griffith
    £50 on 11-Oct 18:34
  • Pastor Bernardo
    £20 on 11-Oct 08:56
  • Joanna Ignacio (Denmark)
    £12 on 08-Oct 17:08
  • Arkadiusz Kalkowski
    £10 on 08-Oct 12:39
    Good luck!!
  • Hai/Luu
    £50 on 08-Oct 09:00
    Good luck girls!! Wish you all the best :)
  • Mirco and grumpy Jason
    £15 on 05-Oct 21:56
    Go girls!
  • DJ Pedro and Jaro
    £15 on 02-Oct 21:54
  • Parents and grandma kerdoncuff
    £80 on 02-Oct 17:14
    Allez allez!
  • Stewart Fenwick
    £20 on 01-Oct 09:22
  • Biljana Gjorgjieva
    £10 on 29-Sep 22:33
  • Savarnah Hodson
    £5 on 27-Sep 20:42
    Hope you reach your goal!
  • Milo Wallington
    £30 on 27-Sep 09:20
    Good luck girls, Pav do me proud!!! :D :D ;P
  • Diaraye - Olympia Handball Club
    £20 on 26-Sep 17:37
    Wishing you best of luck. Always happy for English clubs participating in EHF.
  • Pedro Ribeiro
    £10 on 25-Sep 23:34
    Go and shine ladies!
  • Anonymous
    £20 on 25-Sep 20:06
    Let's go GD baby...let's go GD oooohhhh
  • Montse
    £50 on 25-Sep 09:17
    Sou les millors
  • Marina mama cristobal
    £50 on 22-Sep 16:51
    Suerte chicas!
  • Abraham Asefaw
    £20 on 21-Sep 15:43
    Forza Great Dane!
  • Susanne Ravn
    £50 on 21-Sep 15:34
    Good luck!
  • Aniëlla van den Heuvel
    £2 on 21-Sep 04:02
    Good luck and success
  • Anonymous
    £20 on 20-Sep 19:05
  • Milena
    £50 on 20-Sep 17:21
    Good luck Ladies! Powodzenia!
  • Konstantinos Vassiliou (United Kingdom)
    £20 on 20-Sep 14:48
    Good luck
  • Stefan Goettl (United Kingdom)
    £25 on 20-Sep 06:23
    As reward, can I have some high quality GD goals? Good luck!!
  • Rob
    £50 on 19-Sep 20:48
    Good luck Ilaria + GD team!
  • Carlos de Cozar
    £50 on 19-Sep 17:59
    Good luck and have fun!
  • Linh
    £20 on 19-Sep 11:09
    Good luck Thu and the rest of the team ;) Go go!
  • Irena Itova (Netherlands)
    £20 on 18-Sep 09:48
    Go get 'em girls! 3
  • Martin Dameski
    £20 on 17-Sep 17:20
    Go girls, wishing you great games.
  • Lan/Mai Anh Tran
    £50 on 17-Sep 16:43
    Go Go Girls - We wish you all the best.
  • Marek Pankowski
    £10 on 17-Sep 10:24
    Good luck girls
  • Dominika Kampa
    £50 on 17-Sep 10:06
    Good luck!
  • #SenyafraKenya
    £10 on 16-Sep 20:31
    good...... luck....! give me some gooooooooood neeeews dudies!
  • Anonymous
    £50 on 16-Sep 20:14
    Good luck Thu
  • Anh Vu
    £20 on 16-Sep 18:40
    Good luck
  • Anonymous
    £10 on 16-Sep 14:26
  • Patrick Guenther (United Kingdom)
    £30 on 16-Sep 12:46
    Good luck girls! Bring some Europe to UK while we can...
  • Hua
    £20 on 16-Sep 11:03
    Go Manon Go!
  • Yiotta Marselli
    £20 on 15-Sep 19:04
    Good luck girls! May you reach your goal!
  • Ljiljana B. J.
    £10 on 15-Sep 16:22
    Napred momi!
  • Ivana Kostoski
    £2 on 15-Sep 12:02
    Good Luck!
  • Xavi Fuentes
    £50 on 15-Sep 10:53
    Good luck!!! I’m sure you’ll make it!!
  • Nick Markoski
    £50 on 15-Sep 09:35
    Good Luck Girls ? greetings from Saudi A.
  • Slagjana Kocevska
    £20 on 15-Sep 09:23
    Good Luck!!
  • Vincenzo Lamattina
    £5 on 14-Sep 22:30
    Good luck!!!!
  • Milan
    £15 on 14-Sep 22:04
    Lonfon GD baby!
  • Miss T
    £11 on 14-Sep 18:05
    My sister made me do this :) btw good luck girls!!
  • Garaloski Igor
    £20 on 14-Sep 17:43
    Good luck girls. Greetings from Macedonia
  • Emira Socorro (United Kingdom)
    £100 on 14-Sep 17:20
    Good luck in raising the funds and winning the matches!
  • Alex Brown
    £20 on 14-Sep 09:43
    Good luck to everyone at GD Handball and your European Adventure!
  • Gugi
    £20 on 14-Sep 08:57
    Good luck and enjoy!!
  • Marc Calvo
    £25 on 13-Sep 21:23
    Go GD!!
  • Anonymous
    £10 on 13-Sep 20:55
    You deserve this!
  • Jessica C
    £10 on 13-Sep 20:23
    You go girls! ??
  • Greg
    £25 on 13-Sep 19:35
    Fingers crossed Girls!!
  • Pan
    £20 on 13-Sep 19:22
    All the best girls. Mairoulla, kane ta kolpakia sou :P
  • Caroline Kerdoncuff
    £5 on 13-Sep 17:43
  • Hugo Seilly (United Kingdom)
    £10 on 13-Sep 15:55
  • Julien P.
    £25 on 13-Sep 15:20
    Go get them!
  • Raf
    £10 on 13-Sep 12:41
  • Anonymous
    £5 on 13-Sep 08:46
    Good luck from CK!
  • Marlen Slinning Goulty
    £5 on 12-Sep 22:22
    Best of luck girls!! X
  • Raija Rehnberg
    £50 on 12-Sep 20:32
    Good luck girls!
  • Gårdskulla Angus
    £200 on 12-Sep 19:35
    Good luck!!
  • Luigi Calvo
    £20 on 12-Sep 19:33
    Have fun and good luck!!! ;-)
  • Pablo (United Kingdom)
    £24 on 12-Sep 19:05
    Good luck team!
  • Tito Carlos
    £20 on 12-Sep 16:40
  • Juanjo
    £5 on 12-Sep 14:53
  • Miguel Puig
    £20 on 12-Sep 14:52
    Good luck girls part 2!
  • Theo
    £20 on 12-Sep 14:45
    Allez les filles!!!
  • Anonymous
    £20 on 12-Sep 13:02
  • Montserrat Parellada
    £20 on 12-Sep 10:56
  • Miguel Puig
    £4 on 11-Sep 22:14
    Good luck girls!

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