Membership fees

20% volunteer discount: Volunteers will benefit of 20% of discount for the monthly and yearly fees. Head coaches for each team will benefit of a 100% discount If they are also players. Have a look at this section to view the open positions

Training bib: The registration includes a training bib (If you don´t have one from last year). If you lose it, you will have to pay for a replacement.

Playing kit (Only if playing games)

If you wish to play games (official and not official) you must purchase an official kit, this applies only to the new members or existing members who don´t have playing kit . The kit consists on:
- Home t-shirt, Away t-shirt, Shorts
The price of the whole kit is 40£ (estimate delivery time 3 weeks)

What does include your membership?

  • Up to 50% discount in our Kempa products.
  • Sports insurance cover including physiotherapy sessions
  • Season starts in August and finish in May (both inclusive)
  • Player will be charged on the date they selected "Start training date" taking into account that 1st training is free.
  • Member will be charged the membership amount the same day in the next month automatically.
  • Every member can cancel his/her membership at any time, from their profile or sending an email to women/men finance email address, no money will be refunded for the non used training.
  • The unique method of payment will be Credit/Debit Card, unless for exceptional cases where the player doesn´t have one or cannot provide his/her card, this will be treated in an individual basis and as exceptional.
  • There won´t be any refund If the player hasn´t been able to come to trainings unless exceptional cases (Long term injury, change of situation, etc).
  • If you do not pay your fees, you may be suspended from the club – we really don’t want this to happen, so please ensure you pay on time. You will receive a notification If the credit card you use for your payments, has insufficient funds or has expired. It is your responsibility to update it and notify us If that happens. You can do this from your member portal
  • If you require an International transfer (ITC) we can request it for you, but any fees involved in the process have to be paid by you in full.