Who is who in London GD?

Who is who in London GD

This is the list of 20 people helping the club. If you are willing to help with any of these volunteer positions or you are currently helping and your name is not in this list, get in touch with us.

Board (volunteers)


Bjorn Imohl

Marketing/Sponsorship Director

Jessica Gómez

Development Director

Mayte Perez Laguna

Women Executive Director

Miguel Puig

Men Finance Director

Miguel Puig

Media/IT Director

Nikola Szymura

Women Finance Director

Theo Bougouin

Men Executive Director


Aleksandra Garaloska

Transport Coordinator Women 1

Aleksandra Stankiewicz

Player Registration Women

Aleksandra Stankiewicz

Social Media

Alicia Montano

Volunteer coordinator

Christina Rehnberg

Player Registration Women

Daniela Marciniak

Finance (Accountant)

Hugo Seilly

Transport coordinator Men 2

Jordi Cidoncha

Graphic Design

Jordi Ferrer-Torras

Social Media

Marie Aubourg

Transport Coordinator Women 2

Marie Kerdoncuff

Venue Coordinator

Miguel Puig


Miguel Puig

Web Store Manager

Richard Brooks


Theo Bougouin

Player Registration Men


Cristobal Rodriguez

Assistant Coach Women 1

Jessica Gómez

Head Coach Junior Girls

Jordi Cidoncha

Head Coach Women 1

Jose Roldán Caballero

Head Coach Men 1

Miguel Puig

Head Coach Women 2

Tomas Zaboj

Head Coach Beginners

Tomas Zaboj

Head Coach Men 3

Tomas Zaboj

Head Coach Men 2

Current positions

  • Assistant Coach Men 1 Open
  • Assistant Coach Women 1
  • Development Director
  • Finance (Accountant)
  • Graphic Design
  • Head Coach Beginners
  • Head Coach Junior Boys Open
  • Head Coach Junior Girls
  • Head Coach Men 1
  • Head Coach Men 2
  • Head Coach Men 3
  • Head Coach Women 1
  • Head Coach Women 2
  • Marketing/Sponsorship Director
  • Media/IT Director
  • Men Executive Director
  • Men Finance Director
  • Photography
  • Player Registration Men
  • Player Registration Women
  • Social Media
  • Social Media
  • Transport coordinator Men 1 Open
  • Transport coordinator Men 2
  • Transport Coordinator Women 1
  • Transport Coordinator Women 2
  • Venue Coordinator
  • Video/Streaming
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Web Store Manager
  • Women Executive Director
  • Women Finance Director

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